Online Voting for Electronic Meetings

ClaroVote is a secure online platform that enables accurate online voting for boards and associations in electronic meetings, whether they are hybrid, remote or in-person.

Capabilities & Benefits

Positive Voter Experience

Have your membership cast their vote securely on their phone, tablet, or computer.
Easy to follow prompts guide voters through elections, motions, and amendments with certainty and adhere to the procedures required by Robert's Rules of Order.

Simple Setup and Management

Our comprehensive admin apanel allows you to customize a vote to suit your needs.
From standard votes to weighted voting, simple majority or custom scoring, and easy voter management, ClaroVote offers the flexibility you need to run electronic meetings.

The Origin of ClaroVote

ClaroVote was created to fill a gap. The pandemic has affected everyone in one way or another. It definitely made the prospect of running in person meetings impossible for many months. Businesses are only now returning to some in-person meetings but many boards and associations are looking at continuity in the face of ever-changing economic and climate challenges. Electronic meetings became an emergent and immediate requirement for almost every board or association and they had to quickly adapt to new methods of conducting business.

The idea for ClaroVote came about at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. An organization we worked with for many years asked us to put together a voting platform for their next Annual General Meeting. They had just completed their 2020 AGM and the voting options available were lacking important capabilities they needed. Some companies provide basic online polling or surveys but these systems were ill-equipped to handle the complexity needed to manage motions and amendments while adhering to Robert's Rules of Order.

Working with our customer over many months, we developed the robust voting platform for electronic meetings that became ClaroVote. Simple-to-use. Clear voting process and results. Ability to adapt quickly to debate and discussion during meetings. Transparent and clear results and verification. ClaroVote is the voting platform to bring your electronic meetings forward.

Electronic meetings are here to stay. Governments and businesses are working on legislation and bylaws to ensure electronic meetings are widely supported. Federal and Provincial governments are providing guidelines to municipal governments, local governments, and boards to enable their members to participate in clear, transparent, and open electronic meetings. ClaroVote will empower you to follow those guidelines with our comprehensive platform.

Does your board have an upcoming electronic meeting, AGM, regular, or special meeting? Do you have an election that needs online voting capabilities? Whether in-person, remote, or hybrid, ClaroVote can make electronic voting a breeze.

Contact us today to find out how ClaroVote can help your business.

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